Datuk Nadzim Johan and PPIM (Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia) urge the Government of Malaysia and the Ministry of Health (KKM) to create Public Awareness around COVID-19 Information and Requirements for the Public

March 1, 2024, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Datuk Nadzim Johan of PPIM and several NGO alliances have come together to voice concerns about the current implementation of the Ministry of Health’s (KKM) policy surrounding the battle against COVID-19, wherein the current Whitepaper does not address the control of cross-border infectious disease transmission. [1]

Late last year, Datuk Nadzim Johan called upon the government of Malaysia to take action and increase transparency about COVID-19 vaccination information for the general public. [2] According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several approved-for-use vaccines for COVID-19 in Malaysia have adverse side effects such as headaches, muscle pain, fever, and allergic reactions, amongst others. [3] When asked for comment, Datuk Nadzim said, “Numerous cases have indicated the alleged side effects […] it is time for MoH to be more transparent by disclosing the actual figures and facts related to those experiencing these side effects”. [2] A recent study by Bloomberg further reaffirmed the vaccine’s side effects by the results of a large population study, wherein the vaccine led to several health conditions, such as heart-related inflammation and blood clots. [4]

These adverse symptoms have triggered a sentiment of mass rejection of COVID-19 booster vaccinations. The Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee noted an expiration of 8.5 million COVID-19 Vaccine doses on June 15, 2023, due to hesitancy in booster adoption. [5] In this regard, Datuk Nadzim said that the Ministry of Health should consider alternative COVID-19 policies rather than relying solely on vaccine-generated immune bodies. [6]  This revision of policies included a full disclosure to the public about vaccine procurement, antiviral drug procurement, and social distancing of foreign importation safeguards. This policy revision will give the public their rights under Article 10 (1) (a) of the Federal Constitution. [7]

In the past six months, however, the Ministry of Health has procured en-masse a new antiviral drug, Paxlovid, by Pfizer. The FDA-approved drug, which is a two-antiviral ingredient pill combo (nirmatrelvir and ritonavir), is a therapy medication for mild to moderate COVID-19. [8] Malaysia procured an experimental first batch in March of 2022 [9], with Sarawak’s most recent purchase allocation of RM 2 M in December of 2023. [10] When asked for his view, Datuk Nadzim Johan opined that procuring antiviral drugs is an excellent pivot in implementing Malaysia’s COVID-19 management plan. He requested the MOH for more information about the tender procurement process, the statistics for region-wise availability, the status of introducing other competing antivirals, and the safety product disclosure front of the respective manufacturer for transparency to consumers.

Datuk Nadzim Johan is a prominent figure in Malaysia, widely recognized for his advocacy and leadership in consumer rights protection. He is associated with the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), where he has served as the Chief Activist. His work primarily revolves around addressing consumer grievances, promoting ethical business practices, and ensuring the protection of the rights of consumers in Malaysia. Datuk Nadzim Johan is known for his outspoken stance on various consumer issues, ranging from price hikes and fraudulent business practices to the quality of goods and services. His contributions have made him a respected voice in Malaysia’s consumer advocacy landscape.

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