Google Launches New AI Training Course

Google has revealed a big plan to help more people learn about AI. They’re launching a course called Google AI Essentials on Coursera, an online learning site. Plus, they’re setting aside $75 million to make sure lots of people can take this course.

Google’s new online course, Google AI Essentials, is created and taught by experts from Google who specialize in AI. The course is open to everyone, regardless of their educational background or experience in AI. According to RenomowaneKasyno, It aims to teach people the basics of AI, the best ways to use it, and how to use it responsibly. Google says that in less than 10 hours of studying at their own pace, students will get an overview of AI, learn how to ask good questions, and recognize any unfairness or harm AI might cause.

The course is designed to let learners try out AI in their own jobs. It will include videos, readings, and activities to get hands-on experience. It costs $49 on Coursera, and those who finish it will get a certificate from Google.

Google’s philanthropic arm is launching the $75 million Google AI Opportunity Fund. The goal is to help at least one million Americans learn basic generative AI skills by giving grants to groups that focus on job training and education. 

These organizations, among others, will make sure that the AI training reaches various groups in society for free. This includes people in rural and underserved areas, teachers and students, government employees, nonprofit leaders, and small business owners.

“AI presents great opportunities for boosting economic growth, especially if people can get the right training and resources,” said James Manyika, Google’s senior vice president for research, technology & society, in a press release.

“The new AI Opportunity Fund from and the Google AI Essentials Course are crucial steps in our commitment to make sure everyone, everywhere can learn about AI. No one employer or policymaker can do this alone – we’re dedicated to working with others in industry, society, and government to make sure everyone can benefit from new technologies,” Manyika added.

Even though many industries need AI skills, the World Economic Forum says only half of workers have access to good AI training. To help more people get these skills, Google started an AI Opportunity Agenda last year.One of the first groups to receive a grant from’s AI Opportunity Fund will be Goodwill. Since over 80% of Americans live close to a Goodwill, the organization can offer Google’s AI Essentials course to many local communities for free.

“Since 2017, our partnership with in digital skills training has opened up new opportunities for hundreds of thousands of workers, including many in lower-paid jobs,” said Steve Preston, CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “By expanding our efforts and using Google’s new AI Essentials course, we can help American job seekers gain essential digital and AI skills for well-paying jobs and better economic opportunities.”

Google’s concerted efforts to democratize AI education through initiatives like Google AI Essentials and the Google AI Opportunity Fund reflect a commitment to inclusive growth and empowerment. By fostering collaboration and accessibility, Google is paving the way for individuals from all walks of life to thrive in the age of AI.

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