Media personality and author Rachel Uchitel knows all about being in the public spotlight, and has gone through her share of public opinion pieces both before social media took off and now today in an age where everyone is glued to their phone. Through it all though, Rachel has kept a positive mindset and used the various technological advances to her advantage.

She recently launched a podcast entitled, “Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel”, and within weeks of its debut, the show soared to number 3 at the top of the entertainment news charts and has received global media attention, holding steady in the top 100 in 11 countries. She has had on all sorts of guests who are innovators and game-changers in the world of technology and business, which has given Rachel an inside look at what is coming up.

From AI to eVTOL aircrafts to the blockchain, Rachel stepped away from being the one doing the interviews to give us a little interview herself on how technology has impacted her own career and life today.

  1. Podcasts are one of the most powerful forms of media these days. Why did you originally want to start your own podcast and how have you felt seeing it hit the top of the listener charts?

I was spending a lot of time going on other people’s podcasts and there is something to be said about having your own platform. People were interviewing me about my past or my expertise on topics, and I realized that I no longer wished to live in the past and be the story, but I wanted to hear other people’s stories, and use my empathy with others who have also felt misunderstood.

  1. Social media was just really getting started back during your scandal with Tiger Woods. Do you think if there was no social media then, the scandal would have had the attention it had gotten?

The scandal was almost bigger it felt like, because there was no social media. People were obsessed and consumed by the story which kept unfolding with new details and people as the days went on. The story was as big as it was because what happened was so out of character to what people thought of someone.

  1. How have you been able to use social media today as an advantage in promoting the things you do?

I actually don’t pay for any marketing or use a marketing team, so social media has been very helpful and getting the word out about my podcast. I post clips from each episode and they do really well and give people a little taste of what the podcast will bring them.

  1. With the future of technology heading towards more AI, what are your thoughts on it all and what it means for creators like yourself?

It definitely makes life easier for creators in terms of doing research and having to be skilled at digging for details. But I love doing all that and I was trained more as a journalist. I think AI actually loses a major level of authenticity but I understand how it can save money for companies who want to get rid of research jobs. The jury is still out for me on how I feel about it all.

  1. You have had some guests on your show talk about AI and tech… what insights did they provide you and your listeners?

I’ve had some interesting people on MissUnderstood with Rachel Uchitel on the topic of AI.  Half the room will say it’s scary and bad, half will say it’s going to be so exciting.  We need rules and regulations to prevent it from getting out of control and replicating the image and likeness of humans. But on a positive note there are many things that will be ground breaking. One of my guests talked about how in the next 12 months we will be able to communicate with humpback whales, by cracking the code on language. They believe that within 10 years we will be able to communicate with pets!

  1. Are you an investor when it comes to the blockchain and various forms of crypto? If so, what are you buying these days into?

I am not a trader of blockchain. I prefer Bitcoin as an investment opportunity of all crypto’s . I think the best value is in actual mining, rather than trading. The profit potential is less risky.

  1. What other items in the world of technology and gadgets are you most excited about as things progress?

I’m pretty obsessed with eVTOL aircrafts which are planning to transport people in and around cities in an air taxi service and are claimed to have a range of up to 100 miles. I’ve been following the journey of the company Archer Aviation and find it fascinating. The future will look so different if this comes to fruition.

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