This Bull Market's Winners: PEPE With 5x, BOME With 10x, Dogwifhat Hitting 20x, and NFTFN Leading the Pack at 100x Returns

The cryptocurrency bull market has showcased exceptional growth stories with various coins achieving remarkable returns. Pepe Coin, for instance, saw a 5x surge in value, while BOOK OF MEME achieved a 10x gain. Dogwifhat outpaced many by hitting a 20x increase. Yet, leading the pack is NFTFN, which stunned the market with a 100x return on investment.

Presale Triumph: A $250K Sell-Out

The ongoing presale of NFTFN has been a resounding success, selling over $250,000 worth of tokens. The immense interest in the presale is a testament to the project’s potential and the trust of investors. NFTFN’s unique approach to addressing the NFT market’s barriers has undoubtedly contributed to this promising start.

NFTFN: A Game-Changer in NFT Trading

NFTFN is not your typical NFT platform. It has carved out a unique position by creating financial products focused on leveraging NFTs, allowing traders to go long or short on NFT indexes. This innovation opens the door to a market that was previously inaccessible due to high entry costs and a complex environment. With NFTFN, users gain exposure to top-tier NFT collections at a fraction of the cost, breaking down critical barriers in the NFT trading space.

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Solving the NFT Market’s Challenges

NFTFN stands out by offering solutions to three significant issues in the NFT market: high entry barriers, lack of liquidity, and the complex process of identifying valuable NFT projects. Through its NFT floor-price index, SuperNova, NFTFN allows traders to hedge their positions across various collections, thereby spreading risk and improving liquidity. This strategic move not only enhances market stability but also enables broader participation.

The Roadmap and Investment

NFTFN’s roadmap highlights its robust plan for future growth. It began with a launch on the Polygon Testnet and quickly progressed to a mainnet launch, token launch, and individual NFT Perpetuals for prominent collections. The project has raised significant investment from notable angels and venture firms, signaling strong market confidence.

Pepe Coin and other meme-based cryptocurrencies have shown volatility but maintained a bullish trend, with Pepe Coin currently bullish and the Fear & Greed Index showing Extreme Greed. Dogwifhat and BOOK OF MEME have similarly seen their prices fluctuate, reflecting the market’s dynamic and often sentiment-driven nature. Despite recent decreases, the overall sentiment remains optimistic, positioning NFTFN favorably within this landscape.

NFTFN’s roadmap and the amount raised speak to investors’ belief in the project’s capacity to reshape the NFT trading experience. As more investors look toward NFTs as a diversification tool, solutions like NFTFN, which provide accessibility and mitigate risk, become increasingly vital.

The exceptional performance of NFTFN in the presale rounds underlines the cryptocurrency community’s appetite for innovative projects that promise to solve existing market challenges. With its promising start, NFTFN is a project to watch as the bull market unveils its winners.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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