What Are Engagement Ring Settings?

There is always something more to know about things that you already know! This is the same thing that would go for engagement rings and their settings. We all might be aware of what an engagement ring setting is, but that is about it.

An engagement ring setting is one of the first and most crucial steps that needs to be decided before choosing a diamond shape. An engagement ring setting refers to the overall appearance of a ring. Some jewelry shops refer to the framework that keeps the diamond in place as the setting, but we understand that you want to know every element, from prongs to band style, that is vital to consider.

Here we are to help you understand and get an in-depth overview of what exactly are we referring to when we mention engagement ring setting. Let’s get started, shall we? Read on to know more!

What is an Engagement Ring Setting, Now Defined?

Different settings may completely transform the appearance of a ring, and a setting is what ultimately distinguishes distinct styles (traditional, vintage-inspired, modern) rather than the cut and shape of the central stone. You can choose a preset ring, which already has the setting and diamond picked for you, or you can design your ring beginning with a lab-grown diamond of your choosing or by picking the setting.

Once you’ve decided on a style, you can choose which diamond cut, color, and carat weight would look best with it. Furthermore, at lesser carat weights, the setting influences the overall appearance of a ring just as much as the diamond form.

Popular Engagement Ring Setting

Pavé setting

The pavé setting features tiny diamonds that are put tightly together along the band of a ring. In French, “pavé” means “paved”; the little diamonds are placed so tightly together that they appear to be paved throughout the surface of the ring’s band. One of the most appealing qualities of the pavé style is how it creates a feeling of depth and dimension and can be utilized to highlight other design elements inside a ring. This setting design is popular among folks who enjoy detailed craftsmanship.

Prong Setting

This is one of the most popular settings featuring metal prongs or claws to keep a center stone in place. Given that these prongs are often little and delicate, a prong setting provides maximum light exposure, which results in great light return throughout the stone, giving it its trademark brightness. The claws are often thin, little bits of metal bent and sculpted to fit tightly around the stone and securely keep it in place, much like a cradle. If you value classic, exquisite jewelry design, the prong engagement ring style is ideal for you, ready to be admired for a lifetime.

Bezel Setting

In this setting, the diamond is held in place encircled by a metal ring that slightly overlaps the stone’s borders. It has a sleek and contemporary look that complements contemporary jewelry trends, yet it is also quite safe. The bezel’s durable design helps to avoid chips, cracks, and other damage that might occur with more sensitive settings. This makes it an especially suitable alternative for individuals who live an active lifestyle or have a propensity to be clumsy.

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